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The protocol allowing you to trade unrealised yield & convert your passive income into Futures.

APWine is a protocol for tokenizing yield and an AMM for trading tokenized yield. The concept and function of tokenizing yield enables speculating, hedging, borrowing, and leveraging assets with new (to defi) strategies. Tokenizing yield has motivated several teams in the DeFi space, including yours truly, to develop products that will serve these functions. This article will again explore the basics of APWine, how a user interacts with a future-yield market (AMM), and highlight a few basic yield strategies users can consider. …

Dear APWine Community, we appreciate your patience and encouragement throughout the past several weeks as we enter the final sprint to launch V1. We are pleased to announce that the grapes are almost ripe, and wine production will start very soon. We are aiming to launch V1 in late August. Part of the reason behind the delay is the expansion of our team! The core winemaker family has grown, and since our last post, our team has increased to 9-people strong with all hands on deck putting the finishing touches on V1. A substantial amount of work has been put…

Another glorious round of the Battle of #Memes has concluded featuring eleven more mighty crypto communities! Using Snapshot voting, which included both APW and participating project tokens, each community signaled their vote for who should take home loot and everlasting glory. So join us now as we etch into the pages of history the victors and award their bounties:

The Winners!


1st Place @nicobdx

Event Summary

The Liquidity Bootstrapping Event for the $APW governance token was successfully completed last week. The LBP ran for 48 hours, from 19/05/2021 to 21/05/2021.

Although we had planned it weeks in advance, unexpected conditions occurred: only 10 minutes after the beginning of the LBP, the crypto market witnessed one of the most intense crashes of the past months.

Needless to say, this was an intense 48 hours for the entire team and community, but the LBP ultimately exceeded our expectations and was a success for the initial $APW distribution.

5.1M USDC were raised during the event. They were matched with…

The APW Liquidity Bootstrapping Event will run from tomorrow, Wednesday 19th May around 12:00 CET (block 12464400) to Friday 21th May around 12:00 CET (block 12477600).

During this event, 3,500,000 APW will be distributed through a Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP), or 7% of the total supply.

The weight ratio will start at 90 / 10 and will gradually adjust to 40 / 60 at the end of the event. 800,000 USDC have been injected into the pool, which makes for a starting price of around $2.057 / APW. …

After a week of battles featuring ten different projects meming it up with over 200 total entries, the dust has finally settled and the victors left standing to claim their fame and riches. To every project entered went spoils of war:
1st place $500, 2nd $300, 3rd $200 as chosen with joint voting conducted by APWine and the named featured project. If your entry was selected for a prize, please contact APWine Finance on Twitter or our chat servers to collect your loot.

The Victors!


1st Place @SurfTranquille — Farmer Chad loving that fine APWine Finance. …

The day has come for APWine to take on another great step.

On 19–21 May 2021, the $APW governance token will be distributed through a liquidity bootstrapping event on Balancer. The event will start on May 19th, at around 12:00 CET and will run for 48 hours to end on May 21st, at 12:00 CET.

The liquidity bootstrapping will be accessible through the APWine LBP Page.

Why Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool?

On Uniswap, liquidity pools are created with the same amount of tokens on both sides: the value of both assets in proportion must be equal. For instance, if you want to provide liquidity to…

“Everyone else brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best until now.”

Today, we are excited to share the very first samplings of the $APW token publicly, that soon the community will be able to get their hands on.

APW Token — Mechanisms

The APW token is an ERC-20 token, with a primary focus on protocol governance through the APWine Finance DAO.

The token follows a Curve-like form of voting escrow (veAPW) which has a Lock capability. Locking your APW for up to 2 years will…

Once in a great while an event so significant happens the world watches united as one in bated breath, while humanity takes its next step in conquering the unknown. History might look back and say today was one of those days when the Meme Lords rose from their slumber and armed themselves for a battle that would make Thermopylae look like a warm-up.

But this is no ordinary contest pitting the strengths and courage of the masses on a field of dirt and stone. No, this battle will be waged on the virtual plains of Twitter and Discord, where keyboard…

We are excited to announce that APWine has closed its seed round. Today, the Winemakers council welcomes a range of new partners who will help us build the best yield tokenization infrastructure and produce the finest blends.

The DeFi ecosystem is a fast-growing environment with many notable actors and dynamics. It is necessary to grow our network and build meaningful partnerships to deliver a great product, well-integrated within the ecosystem.

As such, we’re happy to be supported by a rich selection of investors, both investment funds and DeFi builders, including:

APWine Finance

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