APWine $1M Seed Round Closed

We are excited to announce that APWine has closed its seed round. Today, the Winemakers council welcomes a range of new partners who will help us build the best yield tokenization infrastructure and produce the finest blends.

The DeFi ecosystem is a fast-growing environment with many notable actors and dynamics. It is necessary to grow our network and build meaningful partnerships to deliver a great product, well-integrated within the ecosystem.

As such, we’re happy to be supported by a rich selection of investors, both investment funds and DeFi builders, including:

and other great builders in the DeFi space!

Thanks again to our Angel Investor Julien Bouteloup for initial help and all that’s coming with StakeDAO

Details of the Seed Round:

Seed Raise — 1'000'000 USD

Token Allocation — 3'000'000 APW (6% of total supply)

Seed Round Token Price — 0.3333 USD, 2 years linear vesting

Fully Diluted Valuation — 16'666'667 USD

What’s next for APWine ?

  • Audits: We are preparing the upcoming audits to publish the post-beta, release version of APWine along with the token generation and liquidity mining program.

You still don’t know what is APWine?

It is never too late to learn how to make your own blend!

Future Yield Tokenisation with APWine

APWine brings a new primitive in the DeFi ecosystem, allowing people to tokenize their yield. This lets farmers trade yield in advance.

Imagine a DeFi ecosystem where you can sell immediately your monthly yield or get the opportunity to buy yield at a discounted price! That’s the magic of winemaking: the more mature it is, the better it gets!

You can join the wine family today by following us on the following platforms:

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The protocol allowing you to trade unrealised yield & convert your passive income into Futures.

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