A delicate, high-end and tasty Sauternes wine, just like the yield you’ll make.

Sell your yield ahead of time with APWine Sauternes

With the DeFi ecosystem more active and boiling than ever, farmers who place their funds into lending platforms have witnessed volatile, risky, and sometimes unclear APY.

Getting started

Setup your Kovan wallet

The first thing you have to do is to set up your Metamask wallet to use the Kovan network.

How to get some aDAI ?

Aave testnet platform
Aave testnet Dai faucet
Aave faucet second step
Dai deposit

First steps

Enter the APWine interface, connect your wallet and let’s try to make your first blend of wine.


Registering to a Future

First, you’ll want to register to a future. Click on the New button.


Tokenising your Yield

When the period has started, your registered funds will become locked and you’ll be able to mint your Future Yield Tokens. To do so, click on the Mint button. As long as your funds are deposited, you can Mint your tokens at each new period, for example, every week if you’ve selected a Weekly period.

Future Yield

Let’s check your Future Yield Tokens. They will now show up here, along with your current generated yield, an approximation of total yield, and an estimated token value.

Future Yield
Future Yield exemple

Getting contact

Thank you very much for watching this tutorial. If you’re having any issues with the platform, you can join us on Telegram or at contact@apwine.fi.

The protocol allowing you to trade unrealised yield & convert your passive income into Futures.